We offer Installation of various makes and models from all the most popular brands in Central Florida. If your old air conditioning unit is not performing up to par, particularly with the newer, more efficient updated models available, call us.
Contact us by telephone, or feel free to fill to fill out the contact form, and book an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We know it takes a lot of effort to provide your family with the best comfort during the heated months of summer, as well as the admittedly mild Central Florida winters.

compressor, cooling coils, refrigerant, controls, safeties, blower, ductwork, piping, and overall system operation. We are sure to be thorough so that we can identify where exactly the problem is coming from.
We provide air conditioning repair that you can trust, not only from 9-5, but from 5-9 as well. And we aren’t talking about just the summer months either! You can be just as uncomfortable if you need heating repair during the brief, but cold winter months!

  1. Check and change filter on a regular basis.
  2. Use your water hose to rinse your outdoor unit. Turn off thermostat prior.
  3. Ensure thermostat is mounted level. Check batteries in digital units.
  4. Add vinegar to the air handler’s drain line every six months to avoid moldy or clogged lines.

Don’t sweat it. Riley corp can be there before your air conditioning repair turns into a crisis. When your AC unit is working properly, you pay it no mind. If you live in Florida though it is important to have your ac cleaned and checked for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. At Riley Corp, we offer premium heating and air conditioning service. We check all components of your system, including the

to, constant and regular maintenance from a qualified ac maintenance company such as Riley Corp will have to be carried out. This is the case with all other electrical equipments or appliances, in order to prolong the life span of the AC unit.
Regular maintenance of your Riley Corp air conditioner will go a long way in avoiding the disappointment and frustration that usually comes when you turn on your air conditioner on a hot day only for it not to work as you would expect it to. If you are experiencing this though, Be sure to call Riley Corp.


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Riley Corp is more than a name; it is a promise to you. We offer maintenance, repair and installation of all makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, we hold ourselves “accountable” to higher standards than the competition. Our technicians have the equipment, but they also have the expertise to get the job done. We know that you have many questions to ask, so why not contact Riley Corp and a certified comfort specialist will be happy to help.

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After years and years of helping to cool your family off during the hot and humid summer months, and keep you warm and fuzzy during the short weeks of winter, your AC system may suffer a breakdown. Riley Corp will be sure you are able to reach your desired level of comfort by handling all of your new system installation needs.

Apart from an air conditioner keeping your home cool, it also serves as a valuable tool in improving your standard of living as anyone would be quick to agree to the fact that it is quite relaxing and better to live in a home that is air conditioned.

For your air conditioning unit to serve you best, just like you would expect it