Mold requires nutrients, water, oxygen and favorable temperatures to grow. Nutrients for mold are present in dead organic material such as wood, paper or fabrics; plus, mold can derive nutrients from some synthetic products such as paints and adhesives. Mold requires moisture, whether it is from standing water or humidity.

what causes mold to develop?

Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. No one knows how many species of fungi exist but estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and spread and reproduce by making spores.

What is mold?

Mold Assessment


If branches are leaning on the roof, they can scratch roofing materials when they are blown by the wind. In addition, falling branches can damage shingles and leaves can clog gutter systems causing water to back up in the attic or other living spaces. Be sure to cut back trees that grow too close to your home to prevent future problems.



Plumbing services are right for anyone who doesn’t have the time or tools to troubleshoot their own plumbing problems. Even a problem as mundane as a broken toilet may require professional plumbing help if you aren’t able to fix the problem.

Commercial operations have more complex design and maintenance needs than a residence. A problem in one area could indicate a need for a closer inspection of the entire commercial plumbing system, especially if the trouble is with water flow or leaking pipes or fittings. It's best to call the Riley Corp and let them give you an in-person estimate on the problem and how much it will cost to fix.

when do i need residential and commercial plumbing services?

We offer a complimentary plumbing check-up to all residential, businesses, schools, hospitals and other institutions suffering from repetitive drain clogs or plumbing problems. As a part of the no obligation check-up, we will perform a complete walk through and examination of your kitchen, bar, restroom and other facilities and systems. Our check-up, combined with a preventative maintenance schedule, will ensure that your plumbing and drainage systems are working properly.

how much is a plumbing inspection?

Yes! You may not know everything that a plumber does. A plumber is a highly skilled craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing related fixtures, diagnose clogged drain problems and solves all problems related to water systems in your home.

do i really need the skills of plumber to come to my home to just fix a leaky faucet or clear a clogged drain?


The most important thing you can do is ask questions. If there is something that doesn't look right, or you think you ordered one thing, and something else is being installed, ask.  We want to know if things are not right immediately. There are no out of place questions. Remember, there will be dust and dirt in your house although we will, to the best of our ability, keep it to a minimum. Make arrangements for us to have access to your house. There will be times when we will have to leave and come back. It will make the remodel easier on your life if you plan.  If you are getting a kitchen remodel, plan on eating out more often then normal.  If you are remodeling a bathroom, and it is your only bathroom, we will ensure it is reset everyday for you to use.  Our goal is to make sure you can continue on with your everyday activities without this being a burden but rather a positive experience.


In a word - service. If you know exactly what you want, and can pick it out at that store, and are prepared to stay at home supervising your remodeling project, then the installed sales (I.S. as they are called) department at the big handyman stores might be the way to go. Typically, the quality of installation, and attention to detail is not an I.S. trademark. Neither is custom or out of the ordinary work.

i hear that the big handyman stores now remodel kitchens and bathrooms. what are the differences between remodeling companies and these types of stores?

Yes. Riley Corp can help you reach your goals of remodeling most any room in your home. We can create more closet space, set up a game room with a working bar or even put in hot and cold running water in your garage! Give us a call with your ideas and we’ll make them happen.

can i remodel a closet, game room, or garage?

Rebuild & Remodel

Yes. We are very good at this! The price as quoted is highly accurate. As long as no additional work is added by the customer, or required by uncovering hidden damage, the job will stay on budget.


The cost of your project should never be a gray area, we will discuss your budget and work around that. When we meet, which can require a few meetings, we will create a project plan that spells out in detail what every aspect of the project will cost. Communication is the real key, I need to understand your expectations and your vision for the end result and we will work together to accomplish your dream.


This is a common question. We are ready to work with you now!! Over the years we have assembled the best crews in the business. They are prepared to begin the work as soon as you and I agree to the details. I always require a signed contract. This assures you and me that we are committed to this project together. Once we get started, just sit back and watch the transformation. It will be a very exciting time for everyone.

Yes, not only are we insured but we are licensed as well.




Air Conditioning

What regular maintenance do heating and air conditioning systems need?

Extremely important. Sound intensity is measured in units called decibels (dB). A normal conversation is about 60-70 dB. A telephone dial tone produces 80 dB; a lawn mower produces 107 dB or more. Sustained exposure to sound levels of 90-95 dB may lead to hearing loss, so it’s important to own the quietest heating and cooling system you possibly can.
Clean and replace your filters frequently. Your system will heat and cool more evenly when the blower is in the “on” position. The blower provides constant air movement throughout the home, and allows for better filtration. Install shades, drapes, shutters, or screens on windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight to keep room temperatures at moderate levels.

How can I increase the efficiency and life of my home’s heating and cooling systems?

Kitchen, Laundry Room & Bathrooms are the most susceptible areas due to the possible moisture levels that can be found. If your home has a Crawlspace or Basement, it is likely they too will be susceptible to microbial growth due to high humidity levels.
We do not schedule work if rain is likely. If an unexpected shower was to pass by we have large tarps to protect the roof.

what if it rains?

Usually streaks on the roof are caused by algae, fungus or mold. They usually grow during periods of high humidity. Over time they can eat away at the roofing material, causing deterioration and eventually leading to leaks. You can trim back trees to reduce the amount of shade and to help improve air circulation.  However, when algae, fungus or mold cause damage to your roof we can repair this as well.


Usually streaks on the roof are caused by algae, fungus or mold. They usually grow during periods of high humidity. Over time they can eat away at the roofing material, causing deterioration and eventually leading to leaks. You can trim back trees to reduce the amount of shade and to help improve air circulation.  However, when algae, fungus or mold cause damage to your roof we can repair this as well.

Temperature settings depend on the time of year and your personal preferences. In the summer, the average temperature setting is 75°-80°. In the winter 68°-72° is the norm. Remember, when leaving your house; try to avoid drastic temperature changes. Do not set your temperature back more than 5°; this will cause your unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperature setting.

Is there anything I should check prior to calling for service?

How important is it to get the right size of heating and cooling equipment?

Dust, dirt, and debris are an AC system’s worst enemies. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit, you must keep all filters clean and heat exchangers and coils free of restrictions.

We recommend that your heating and cooling system be checked and serviced twice a year; ideally a spring and autumn tune-up. Also we recommend that you change your filter regularly, depending on the type of filter you have. This alone can eliminate many of the most common problems that need fixing and can significantly reduce the likelihood of a serious breakdown.
You should have your HVAC System & Lines cleaned once a year; and, change out your filter regularly once month. For commercial units that have HEPA Filtrations, you should at least change your filters out every three (3) months.

when should i have my hvac system and ventilation lines cleaned?

Twenty to thirty years is a reasonable expectation for newer roofing products in the Central Florida area.

how long do roofs last?

If shingles are missing or torn off, then the roof structure and property is vulnerable to water damage.  We can do an inspection of your roof to evaluate if there is any damage.  If you see water stains on your walls and property, then it's best you call us to come and do an inspection of your roof twice a year.  This ensures we can fix any problems we see immediately. This will help you save in more repairs caused by extensive damage.

how will i know that my roof has been damaged?

Check to be sure that the air conditioner or furnace is turned on. Check that the breakers and the disconnects are turned on and be sure the thermostat is set correctly. Also make a note of any strange noises or smells.
Sizing an AC system is very important from the standpoints of both comfort and energy use. Heating and cooling equipment that are over-capacity will not run as frequently or as long when it does run. In both cases, this may mean poor humidity control. It could also result in temperature variations or noticeable cycling. Over-capacity equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched capacity either. On the other hand, equipment that is under-sized, will obviously result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes.

what are the most likely places in a home that mold will be discovered?

If you feel you are having a mold problem you should have a certified mold assessor come to your home. The wrong kind of mold can be dangerous. Mold testing is necessary if you want to determine you have any "active" migration of microbial spores in the interior structure of your home or business; and, if you cannot visually see any microbial discoloration or residue. The only way to determine any substance is mold would be to test it by an air, bio-tape lift or swab sample. Knowing the type of Mold helps us to understand what to look for in eliminating the microbial issue.

when should i hire a mold assessor for mold testing?

what if you find rotten wood when you tear off the roof?

How important is it to have a quiet heating and air conditioning system?

At what temperature should I set my thermostat?

The main thing is to keep your humidity (moisture) level below 50% at all times. Mold needs moisture for it to continue growth or to survive. Any leak you find, fix it and dry the area affected within 24 to 72 hours of the occurrence. If you smell an unusual musty odor and can't determine the source of the odor, it would be preventative measure to contact a Certified Mold Assessor to do an inspection and/or test the affected area(s).

what should I do to keep mold from becoming an issue in my home or office?

We will always replace any rotten wood we find. We will bring it to your attention and discuss the best way to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.